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Emma Ennis

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A collection of 16 short stories that will take you on an intoxicating journey through the darkness in life and up those elusive little streams of light. The unforeseen, the unpredictable, love, loss, horror and fantasy all await within. Though rich and varied in theme, throughout the stories is the underlying principal that sometimes the line between reality and the mysterious can blur, creating a place where what-if's reign supreme.


A worldwide conspiracy revealed, a biblical apocalypse wrought; a vengeful imaginary friend, and one not so vengeful but with just as harrowing consequences; an unlikely hero, and an unwilling one; an ancient Egyptian curse, a malevolent Indian spirit – these are just some of the characters and themes you will rub shoulders with in this eclectic compilation.


From the author of Red Wine and Words comes a brand new collection of short stories where spiders, vampires and fairies rub shoulders with the Antichrist.

Within these pages insomnia, insanity, superstition and deadly diseases abound. To dive in i as dangerous as the author's own fetish for ridiculously high heels, for here is the house little boys dare one another to touch. Here is the mirror broken, the fatal kiss of the undead, the curse of a scorned lover, the double-edged promise of the fountain of youth.

To the tune of love and loss, in a dance with fear and courage, 
High Heels and Eulogies carries the reader from one world to the next, once again dragging the unknown out of the shadows to frolic with reality, resulting in an entirely new world of disturbing possibility.

Books, book, fiction, novel, gothic horror, vampire, trilogy, writing, writer, author


How valuable is one’s soul?


This is the question Lillian Whittaker is faced with when she is summoned to Greywall for her sister’s wedding.


But nothing in Greywall is as Lillian expects. Her sister is acting bizarrely, their mother too, and Lillian’s dreams have taken on a frightening quality that leaves her struggling to untangle reality from illusion.


Even the groom is not who he is supposed to be.


When weighed against a future in which nothing is as it seems and nothing can ever be the same again; against a future where hopes and dreams are mere flights of fancy, just how valuable is one’s soul?

Coming Soon


In aid of Aoibheann’s Pink Tie, the national children’s cancer charity.


C is for Cabbage, a collection of 20 short stories from 17 truly terrified authors. Open with care, because the pages are crawling with fairies, lobsters, and strangely hip dinosaurs. There’s magic and enchantment, detective twins and drunken wizards. It’s got ghosts, ghouls, and lovestruck vampires; zombies, secret societies, and strange little men who tinker with toys.

With fun and frolics, and maybe a mild curse or two, (not to mention an extraordinary pair of knitting needles,) C is for cabbage is sure to have something for everyone, children and adults alike.

Books, book, short story collection, short stories, children's stories, bedtime stories, fiction, fantasy
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Award-winning short story by Emma Ennis that takes a fresh look at the inspiration behind the creation of the infamous Book of Kells.


An 8th century scribe, tasked with creating a book that will spread light and hope in dark times, finds inspiration in a stranger who claims to have returned to Ireland after 800 years in Tír na nÓg.

Features stunning original illustrations by Adam Beary.

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Book no.2
Book no.3
Book no.4
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