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WELCOME TO Om Shanti ॐ शान्ति

Om Shanti is a Sanskrit term. Shanti (शान्ति ) means 'peace', ‘tranquillity’, ‘harmony’. Om (ॐ) is a little harder to define. It is said to be the first sound, the sound of creation. It is the beginning and end of us. The vibration of the universal bowl of consciousness from where we all came, and to where we all return.  To me, it means the deepest form of us. More than us as a body, or a mind, or our doings and experiences. It is the core of who we are, that place that we all, in some part of us, know exists in us – the home we search for in life, where there is no fear or sadness, no judgement or comparison, only peace, only being and belonging. Taken with this meaning, the phrase put together, when given to another, means deepest peace onto the whole of you, to all that you are and will be, mind, body, and soul.

...There has to bemore than this...

In life, many of us are simply existing. We get up, we do our chores, we go to work. Maybe, if we’re lucky, we live for the weekends. Then we do it all again. For those of us not so lucky, the weekend is another series of days to ‘get through’ like all the rest. Hour upon hour of doing what is necessary to stay alive.

If you’ve ever had thoughts like ‘There has to be more than this’, or, ‘Is this all there is?’ you’ll know what it’s like to be existing.

There’s little joy. And what little there is, is fleeting.

When you’re existing there’s loneliness. There’s purposelessness. There’s hopelessness. Or worse, there’s nothing at all – apathy. An absence of emotion.

Om Shanti Wellbeing and Fulfilment firmly believes we are all meant to experience joy in our lives, that it is not withheld from any of us by anything besides what we do in our brains. We are all capable of joy, so long as we practice it diligently.

Using a variety of methods and approaches including coaching, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness therapy, Om Shanti Wellbeing and Fulfilment lives its purpose – to help you put life back in living. 

Om Shanti Wellbeing and Fulfilment is my wish, my goal, for deepest peace, for you.

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