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Emma Ennis

The Beauty in You

A talented painter suffering from a crippling creative block finally breaks through when he meets a woman who is willing to bleed for his love.

When is enough good enough? At what point does satisfaction end and obsession begin? How far is one willing to go for love and artistic passion?

How far is too far? 

No Place on Earth

A man sets out through a post apocalyptic world to right his wrongs and settle his biggest regret.

At the end of the world, when workaday responsibilities and drives have been stripped away and normal life is a thing of the past, what truly matters becomes plain to see. 

But is it too late to fix what was done in another life, a different world? Is the time for chasing dreams a thing of the past?


A man seeking to walk off his troubles steps off the beaten track and into another dimension.

A lawman's admiration for the perfect crime.

The arrival of a stranger brings out the true colours of a quiet, sleepy little town.

When face to face with the unknown and the unseen, an obsessive-compulsive woman finds control in denial.

A gallant gentleman finds himself too late to rescue his damsel in distress.

A man takes drastic measures to help the love of his life see herself through his eyes.

Anthology: Short, sharp doses of the dark and unexplained.

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